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CEU Companies By State

AL USA Cutstone Company
AL USA Daltile®
AL USA Stone Interiors
AL USA Triton Stone Group of Birmingham
AL USA Triton Stone Group of Hunstville
AR USA Triton Stone Group of Little Rock
AZ USA Arizona Tile
AZ USA Cactus Stone
AZ USA Daltile®
AZ USA Solstice Stone
CA USA Andrew Lauren Surfaces
CA USA Architectureal Granite & Marble (Anaheim)
CA USA Arizona Tile 
CA USA Atlas Marble and Stone Care
CA USA Coldspring
CA USA Da Vinci Marble
CA USA Daltile®
CA USA Epic Ceramic & Stone Inc.
CA USA GBI Tile & Stone
CA USA KO Natural Stone
CA USA Marble Systems, Inc. - Country Floors
CA USA Materials Marketing
CA USA Rio Stones, Inc.
CA USA SMG Stone Company, Inc.
CA USA Stone West, Inc.
CA USA Walker Zanger
CA USA Zucchi Luxury Stones
CO USA Coldspring
CO USA Colorado Custom Stone
CO USA Daltile®
CO USA Dry-Treat
CO USA Materials Marketing
CO USA Natural Stone Institute
CT USA Connecticut Stone Supplies
CT USA Curtainwall Design & Consulting
CT USA Delgado Stone Distributors
CT USA Elemar New England
CT USA Marble and Granite, Inc.
CT USA Ontra Stone Concepts
CT USA Stony Creek Quarry
CT USA Superior Selected Stone
CT USA Surfaces
FL USA Daltile®
FL USA KeysGranite a daltile Company
FL USA The Stone Collection
FL USA Marble Systems, Inc.
FL USA Marmol Export USA
FL USA Opustone, LLC
FL USA Peter G. Hill Designs, Inc
FL USA Puma Marble Company
FL USA StoneHardscapes
FL USA Stoneworks, Inc.
FL USA Stone Tile Group
FL USA Stone Warehouse
FL USA The Granite Place
FL USA United Materials, Inc.
GA USA Coldspring
GA USA Daltile®
GA USA Dry-Treat, Inc.
GA USA Interceramic, Inc.
GA USA Marmi Natural Stone
GA USA Materials Marketing
GA USA Natural Stone Institute
GA USA SiteOne Landscape Supply
GA USA Temmer
GA USA TOPCU Tile + Stone
GA USA Walker Zanger
HI USA Bella Pietra
HI USA Daltile®
ID USA Daltile®
ID USA Northern Stone Supply
ID USA Valley View Granite
IL USA Coldspring
IL USA Daltile®
IL USA Dynamo Surfaces
IL USA Lurvey Supply
IL USA Materials Marketing
IL USA Tithof Tile & Marble, Inc.
IL USA Universal Granite & Marble
IN USA Litecore
KS USA Blue Valley Granite
KS USA Kasota Stone
KS USA MS International
KS USA Sturgis Materials
KS USA U.S. Stone Industries LLC
KY USA Granite America
LA USA Stone Interiors New Orleans
LA USA Triton Stone Group of Baton Rouge
MA USA Coldspring
MA USA Curtainwall Design & Consulting
MA USA Dry-treat, Inc.
MA USA GGP Custom Countertops
MA USA Marble and Granite, Inc.
MA USA United Marble Fabricators
MD USA Marble Systems, Inc. - Country Floors
MD USA Chesapeake Tile & Marble
MI USA Ciot Detroit
MI USA Dwyer Marble & Stone Supply
MI USA Mont Surfaces
MI USA Realstone Systems LLC
MI USA The Concrete Service
MI USA The Stone Mill Inc
MN USA Coldspring
MN USA Grazzini Brothers & Co.
MN USA Michels Stone
MN USA Vetter Stone
MO USA Daltile®
MO USA Earthworks Stone
MO USA MS International
MO USA Semco Stone
MS USA Triton Stone Group of Southaven
MT USA Glacier Stone Supply LLC
MT USA Malisani, Inc.
MT USA Montana Rockworks
MT USA Syverson Tile & Stone
NC USA Architectural Surfaces
NC USA Daltile®
NC USA Dean Agency, International, Ltd.
NC USA GBI Tile & Stone
NC USA Get Real Stone
NC USA Mountain Marble & Granite, Inc.
NC USA SOLID Surface Care, Inc.
NC USA Triton Stone Group of Raleigh
NC USA Walker Zanger
ND USA Coldspring
ND USA Syverson Tile & Stone
NE USA Edward's Stone
NH USA Ripano Stoneworks Ltd
NJ USA Artistic Tile
NJ USA Daltile®
NJ USA Marmiro Stones, Inc
NJ USA North American Stone and Tile LLC
NJ USA NT Trading, Inc.
NJ USA Pental Surfaces
NJ USA Walker Zanger
NM USA Arizona Tile
NM USA Rocky Mountain Stone
NV USA Arizona Tile
NV USA Cereser Marmi SPA
NV USA Curtainwall Design & Consulting
NV USA Daltile®
NV USA Tuffskin Surface Protection, LLC
NV USA Walker Zanger
NY USA ABC Worldwide Stone
NY USA Arthur John Sikula Associates
NY USA Curtainwall Design & Consulting
NY USA Fabra Cleen Stone & Tile Care
NY USA Ghirardi Stone Contracting, LLC
NY USA Granite & Marble Works, Inc.
NY USA Hellas Stone Fabrication
NY USA Lazer Marble
NY USA Marble and Granite, Inc.
NY USA Miller Druck Specialty Contracting
NY USA Ultra Stones, LLC
NY USA Walker Zanger
OH USA Architectural Justice
OH USA Coldspring
OH USA Daltile®
OH USA Granex Industries, Inc
OH USA Mont Granite, Inc
OH USA Semco Outdoor
OK USA Interceramic, Inc.
ON CAN Limberlost Stone, Inc
ON CAN Masonal Stone, Inc
ON CAN Picco Engineering
ON CAN Select Stone Supply
PA USA Daltile®
PA USA Sims-Lohman
RI USA Great in Counters
SC USA Big Rock
SC USA Daltile®
SC USA Triton Stone Group of Charleston
SD USA Syverson Tile & Stone
TN USA Architectural Granite & Marble
TN USA Tennessee Marble Company
TN USA Triton Stone Group of Knoxville
TX USA A-A-A Natural Stone
TX USA Alamo Stone Co.
TX USA Apex Stone LLC
TX USA Architectural Granite & Marble, Inc.
TX USA Aria Stone Gallery
TX USA Arizona Tile
TX USA Continental Cut Stone
TX USA Curtainwall Design & Consulting
TX USA Daltile®
TX USA Delta Granite & Marble, Inc.
TX USA Farmhouse Stone
TX USA Interceramic, Inc.
TX USA KLZ Stone Supply, Inc.
TX USA Levantina USA
TX USA M Stone Stone & Tile
TX USA Materials Marketing
TX USA Omni Surfaces (Houston)
TX USA Pacific Shore Stones
TX USA Quality Stone Company
TX USA Republic Elite
TX USA Stone Boutique
TX USA Stone Panels International
TX USA TexaStone Quarries
TX USA Texas Custom Stoneworks
TX USA Triton Stone Group of Austin
TX USA Triton Stone Group of Houston
TX USA Triton Stone Group of San Antonio
TX USA Walker Zanger
  UAE Al Milad General Trading Co.
  UAE Egymar International
UT USA Delta Stone Products
UT USA Valley View Granite
VA USA Arc Granite and Marble
VA USA Curtainwall Design & Consulting
VA USA Marblex Design International, Inc.
VA USA Marva Marble & Granite, Inc.
VA USA Renaissance Tile & Bath
VA USA Rugo Stone LLC
VA USA Sislers Stone
VA USA SOLID Surface Care, Inc.
VA USA Triton Stone Group of Portsmouth
VA USA Triton Stone Group of Richmond
VT USA Vermont Quarries
VT USA Vermont Stone Art
WA USA Arizona Tile
WA USA Coldspring
WA USA Daltile®
WA USA Stratus Surfaces
WI USA Jireh Brick and Stone
WI USA Michels Stone
WI USA Rademann Stone & Landscape
WI USA Valder Stone & Marble



Natural Stone Institute Certified Speakers

Abeling, Jeff - Connecticut Stone Supplies, CT
Abrams, Jeff - Superior Selected Stone, CT
Abbott, Linda - StoneHardscapes, FL
Acosta, JP - Delgado Stone Distributors, CT
Addison, Maggie - KLZ Stone Supply, TX
Ahrens, Ed - Arizona Tile, CA
Algazy, Edan - Lazer Marble, NY
Aloe, Michele - Walker Zanger, NV
Alonso, Guillermo - Daltile, TX
Anderson, Taylor - Valley View Granite, UT
Angelovich, Shannon - The Stone Collection, FL
Antonucci, Jim PhD, DCP – Stone Tile Group, FL
Archer, Brandon – Kasota Stone, MN
Arcot, Sam - Rugo Stone LLC, VA
Arnold, Roland - Arizona Tile, AZ
Arpacilar, Heidi - Marmiro Stones®, NJ
Aryeh, Solomon - SMG Stone Company, CA
Aschoff, Max - Daltile, CA
Athre, Niti - Interceramic, Inc., TX
Austin, Denny - Realstone Systems, TX
Auyong, Kayla - TuffSkin Surface Protection LLC, NV
Avery, Lurenda - Levantina USA, GA
Avino, Ernesto - Marmol Export USA, FL
Bacon, Rob - Daltile (Raleigh), NC
Bahamon, Eliana - Miller Druck Specialty, NY
Bailey, Alex - Alamo Stone Co., TX
Ball, Julie - Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite, OH
Balliew, Scott - Eden Valders Stone, WI
Balogh, Geoffry - Artistic Tile, NC
Bannerman, Brent – Limberlost Stone Inc, ON
Barber, Mark - Earthworks Stone, MO
Barnow, Scott - U.S. Stone Industries, KS
Barros, Suelen - United Materials Inc, FL
Bastone, Mike - Walker Zanger, CA
Bauman, Jeff - Coldspring, GA
Beck, Melissa - Levantina USA, TX
Bell, Steve - Semco Stone, MO
Belmontes, Meg - Arizona Tile, TX
Bonanno, Frank – Stone Panels International, PA
Boyd, Byron - Get Real Stone, NC
Brandao, Kassandra – GGP Countertops, MA
Brown, Mitchell - Stone Panels International, TX
Browning, John - Delgado Stone Distributors, Brookfield, CT
Buchanan, Josh - Tennessee Marble Company, TN
Buehre, Catherine - Interceramic, TX
Busch, Melissa - Solstice Stone, AZ
Butler, Eric - Cactus Stone, AZ
Butler, Michael - Coldspring, MA
Burke, Bill - Solstice Stone, AZ
Burke, Nicole - Solstice Stone, AZ
Busch, Melissa - Solstice Stone, AZ
Butler, Eric - Cactus Stone, AZ
Butler, Michael - Coldspring, MN
Byrd, Chris - Interceramic, TX
Cachonegrete, Maria - KeysGranite a Daltile Company, FL
Calabritto, Scott - SOLID Surface Care, Inc., NC
Calabritto, Philip – SOLID Surface Care, Inc., NC
Cales, Lisa - Walker Zanger, NY
Carey, Mike - Marmiro Stones®, NJ
Carlson Claus, Andi - Mont Surfaces, MI
Carreras, Richard - Earthworks Stone, MO
Chiffone, Adrian - Opustone Natural Stone Distributors, FL
Clark, Stephanie - Solstice Stone, NV
Cleveland, Tom - Stony Creek Quarry, CT
Cobb, Vanessa - US Stone Industries, KS
Cognevich, John - Stone Interiors New Orleans, LA
Cohen, Barbara - Miller Druck Specialty Contracting, NY
Contino, Kelly - Ripano Stoneworks Ltd, NH
Coppock, Tiffany - Architectural Surfaces, NC
Corcoran, Brooke - Walker Zanger, CA
Covarrubias, Jaime - Interceramic, Inc., TX
Creekmore, David - Interceramic, Inc. (San Antonio), TX
Crow, Bobby R. - Dry-Treat/ICP Construction, TX
Cumorich, Brook - Tithof Tile & Marble, IL
Dellaquilla, Peter – Bridgeport, CT
Dardis, Christopher - The Granite Place, FL
Davis, Byron - Salado USA, TX
Day, Mathew - Interceramic, Inc., TX
De Jesus, Kristin - Dry-Treat, GA
Dean, Diana - Dean Agency, International, NC
Dellacroce, Tyra - Connecticut Stone Supplies, CT
Demler, Jason - Jireh Brick and Stone, WI
Dempsey, Noah - Delgado Stone Distibutors, CT
Denton, Todd - Quality Stone Company, TX
Dolphin, Randy - Coldspring, MN
Doty, Michael - Quality Stone Company, TX
Downs, Meghan – Nashville, TN
Doyle, Deidre - Universal Granite & Marble, OH
Driscoll, Conor - Semco Outdoor, OH
Duke, Garrett - Alamo Stone Co., TX
Dumais, Kim - Miller Druck Specialty Contracting, NY
Ebbecke, Vance - ABC Worldwide Stone, NY
Eby, Jeremy - Interceramic, Inc. (Tulsa), TX
Edwards, Brenda – TexaStone Quarries, TX
Edwards, Brian – Heber, UT
Elder, Christina - Cactus Stone, AZ
Ennis, Kevin - Miller Druck Speciality Contracting Co, NY
Eubank, Bill - Coldspring, VA
Evans, Lynn - Interceramic, Inc. (Houston), TX
Fantozzi, Ed - The Concrete Service, MI
Fellows, Whitney - Vermont Stone Art, VT
Figueiredo, Fabio - La Pietra Custom Marble and Granite, CT
Finnerty, Katie – Triton Stone Group, TX
Fischer, Elliot - Interceramic, Inc. (Dallas), TX
Fischer, Taryn - Dal-Tile, TX
Fitzgerald Howard, Michelle - Triton Stone Group, SC
Folks, Patrick - Levantina USA, TX
Forest, Karla - Northern Stone Supply, Inc, ID
Frank, Jason - Coldspring, MN
Fraterrigo, Jeff - Universal Granite & Marble, IL
Friedel, Timothy - Stone Panels International, TX
Friedlander, Frank - Tuffskin Surface Protection, NV
Friedlander, Katie - Tuffskin Surface Protection, NV
Friedlander, Lelia - Tuffskin Surface Protection, NV
Fuller, Tommy - Kasota Stone Fabricators, MN
Gallotta, Rocco - Daltile, NJ
Garcia, Gill - Arizona Tile, Livermore, CA
Garcia, Ismael - Miller Druck Specialty Contracting, NY
Gawet, Monica - Tennessee Marble Company, TN
Gay, Kevin - Interceramic, Inc. (Carrollton), TX
Geary, Alan - Curtainwall Design & Constulting, VA
Gereats, Roger - Stone Panels International, TX
Gerbec, Kiersten - Marble and Granite, Inc, MA
Gerber, Craig - Coldspring, MN
Geresi, Danielle - Marmiro Stones®, NJ
Gerhardt, Scott - Interceramic, Inc. (Austin), TX
Ghirardi, Stephano - Ghirardi Stone Contractors, BS LO
Giraldo, Juan - KeysGranite a Daltile Company, FL
Gliori, Guido - Grazzini Brothers & Co., MN
Goggin, Jay - Kasota Stone Fabricators, MN
Gondringer, Judy - Coldspring, MN
Gonzales, Ed - Materials Marketing, TX
Goodwin, Debra - Artistic Tile, NJ
Gordon, Brett - Semco Outdoor, OH
Gorecki, Dan - ABC Stone, NJ
Graves, April - Aria Stone Gallery, TX
Graves, Keith - Arc Granite & Marble, VA
Green, Jeff - Earthworks Stone, MO
Greenberg, Lorne - Fabra Kleen Stone & Tile Care, NY
Guia, Yenifer - Triton Stone Group, VA
Gyori, Jeremy -  KO Natural Stone, CA
Hagen, Erik - SiteOne Landscape Supply, GA
Hamilton, Stephanie - Interceramic, Inc., TX
Harding, Bryce - Delta Stone Products, Inc., TX
Hargreaves, Guy - GBI Tile & Stone, Inc., CA
Harshbarger, Alan - U.S. Stone Industries LLC, KS
Hart, Chad – United Marble Fabricators, MA
Haskell, Meghan – United Marble Fabricators, MA
Heidgerken, Gary - Coldspring, MN
Heisenfelt, Marc – Glacier Stone Supply LLC, MT
Hembree, Keith – Da Vinci Marble, CA
Henderson, Matt - SiteOne Landscape Supply, GA
Hennen, Lisa - Coldspring, MN
Higginbotham, Scott - Dry-Treat, Inc., MA
Hinrichs, Jonathan - Interceramic, Inc., TX
Hite, Randolph - Triton Stone Group, AL
Hoffpauir, Reed - Apex Stone, TX
Hogan, Kenneth - Coldspring, OH
Holder, Kristin - Dwyer Marble & Stone Supply, MI
Homs, Kimberly – Great in Counters, RI
Horn, Ron - Colorado Custom Stone, CO
Hubert-Mejia, Kimberly - Architectural Ceramics Inc., MD
Huling, Erica - Daltile, VA
Humphries, Allyson - Addison, TX
Hurley, Brandi - Daltile, SC
Hutchinson, Kelley - Walker Zanger, GA
Hying, Karl - Semco Stone, MO
Ilustre, Vicente – Miller Druck, NY
Ingle, Kenneth - Semco Outdoor, OH
Jackson, Stephanie - Apex Stone LLC, TX
Jacobsen, Carey - Marva Marble & Granite, Inc.
Janzen, Jeanette - Walker Zanger, CA
Johnson, Dave - Daltile, NJ
Johnson, Emily - Interceramic, Inc. (Lawrenceville), GA
Johnson, Greg - Solstice Stone, AZ
Johnston, Reid - Rademann Stone & Landscaping, WI
Jones, Billy - Curtainwall Design & Consulting, TX
Jones, Jennifer - Farmhouse Stone, TX
Jones, Peter - Arizona Tile, WA
Kader, Ali M Abdel - Egymar International, Egypt
Kader, Mohamed Abdel - Egymar International, Egypt
Karohl, Melissa - Architectural Justice, OH
Karschnik, Debra - TOPCU Tile + Stone, GA
Keenan, Kayla - Stone Panels International, TX
Kennedy, John (JD) - Interceramic, Inc., TX
Kerr, Declan - Coldspring, MN
Kilfoyle, John - United Marble Fabricators, MA
Kimberlain, Noah - Levantina, GA
Kirby, Christie - Walker Zanger, CA
Kock, Bryce - Coldspring, TX
Kornet, Brian - Fabra Cleen Stone & Tile Care, NY
Kraszewski, Frank - The Stone Collection, FL
Kron, Jason - Coldspring, MN
Krueger, Duane - Coldspring, MN
Kubesh, Reid - Coldspring, ND
Lach, Adam - Delgado Stone Distributors, CT
Lack, Joseph - Dwyer Marble & Stone Supply, MI
Landry, Mike - Stone Panels International, TX
Lane, Liz - Omni Surfaces, TX
Lang, Scott - Daltile, FL
Lardner, Scott - Rocky Mountain Stone, NM
Lauck, Ali - MS International - Kansas City, KS
Ledezma, Dian – Stone Boutique, TX
Leninger, Vance - Solstice Stone, AZ
Levin, Douglas - M Stone Stone & Tile, TX
Lilly, Josiah - Epic Ceramic & Stone Inc., CA
Lindblad, Justin - Walker Zanger, NV
Long, Jim – Vetter Stone Company, MN
Longenecker, Ryan - Solstice Stone, NV
Lopez Cachonegrete, Maria - Keys Granite Dal-Tile, FL
Luizzi, Christina - Marmiro Stones®, NJ
Lupica, Jeff - Walker Zanger, NY
Lutz, Roger - Semco Outdoor, OH
Lyons, Sheryl - Walker Zanger, CA
Maciej, Kimberly - Coldspring, MN
MacVeagh, Rachel - Tithof Tile & Marble, Inc., IL
Mahoney, Kevin - Realstone Systems, LLC, MI
Makovski, Paul – Materials Marketing, IL
Malisani, Tony - Malisani, Inc., MT
Maloney, Tricia - United Materials, Inc, FL
Manuel, Bryan - Interceramic, Inc. (Carrollton), TX
Marburger, Ned - Vetter Stone Company, MN
Marcus, Roy - Artistic Tile, NJ
Marquart, Joanne - Glacier Stone Supply
Marsico, Dean - Plymouth Quarries, Inc., MA
Matusow, Mark - Stone Panels International, LLC, TX
May, Cari - Coldspring, MN
McGee, Don - ABC Stone, NY
McIntosh, Daniel - Semco Outdoors, OH
McNaughton, Don - ABC Stone, NY
Memik-Moavero, Hayal - Akdo Intertrade, Inc., CT
Meneghini, Luca - Via dell'Arte Southeast - FL
Meriaux, Mark - Natural Stone Institute, GA
Michell, Rick- Interceramic, Inc., MI
Millar, Brett - Curtainwall Design & Consulting, MA
Miller, Jennie - Interceramic, Inc. (Carrollton), TX
Miller, Patrick - Walker Zanger, GA
Miller, Steve - The Stone Mill Inc
Minnich, Sherrie - Interceramic, Inc. (San Antonio), TX
Monastiero, Mark – United Materials Inc., FLI
Monteiro, Celi - Everest Marble, CT
Montes, Vicente - Curtainwall Design & Consulting, VA
Mooney, Alicia - Cutstone Company, AL
Moseid, Mike - A-A-A Natural Stone, TX
Mueller, Denise - Materials Marketing, LTD., TX
Muggleston, Jill - Walker Zanger, TX
Mullins, Alison - Glen Allen, VA
Musser, Kevin - Interceramic, Inc. (Lawrenceville), GA
Myatt, Brandee - Interceramic, Inc. (Dallas), TX
Nallapati, Sri – Dynamo Suface, IL
Nance, Chad – SOLID Surface Care, Inc., NC
Naquin, G.K. - Stone Interiors, AL
Nelson, Philip - Vetter Stone, MN
Nichols, Dan - United Materials, Inc., FL
Oliva, Hugo - VIA DELL'ARTE, CA
Olson, Todd - Coldspring, MN
Ondracek, Austin - Northern Stone Supply, Inc., ID
Ontra, Badia - Ontra Stone Concepts, CT
Orlinsky, Brett - Opustone Natural Stone Distributors, FL
Ormond, Valorie - Stone Panels International, LLC., TX
Osterhout, Greg - Northern Stone Supply, Inc., ID
Pace, Terri - Materials Marketing, TX
Patel, Neel A. - Ultra Stones, LLC, NY
Parr, Steffani- Walker Zanger, TX
Pasternak, John - Daltile, ID
Patino, Tony - Solstice Stone, AZ
Penny, Lela - The Stone Collection, TX
Pental, Peter - Stratus Surfaces, WA
Peters, Anne - Walker Zanger, CA
Petit, Darrell - Stony Creek Quarry, CT
Pfannenstein, Daniel - Coldspring, OH
Phillips, Kara - MS International, Kansas City, KS
Phillips, Sharon - Interceramic, Inc. (Houston), TX
Picco, Michael - Picco Engineering, ON
Pierson, Andrew - Chesapeake Tile & Marble, MD
Pontel, Williams - VIA DELL'ARTE, SC
Prescott, Shane - Opustone Natural Stone Distributors, FL
Prevost, Amy - Solstice Stone, AZ
Prince, Todd - Walker Zanger, CA
Prvulovic, Peter – Vermont Quarries, Mendon, VT
Quarton, Kiernan - Realstone Systems LLC, MI
Ralston, Rex - Semco Outdoor, OH
Ramirez, Katie - Stone West, Inc., CA
Reckner, Shea - Realstone Systems, IL
Rehkamp, Victoria - Opustone Natural Stone Distributors, FL
Reimer, Matt - Coldspring, MN
Robison, Scott - Interceramic, Inc. (Dallas), TX
Rodeiro, Anthony - Marmiro Stones, Inc
Rodriguez, Alfonso - Texas Custom Stoneworks, TX
Roe, Karen - Countertop Concierge, LLC, FL
Rogers, Dan - Interceramic, Inc. (Carrollton), TX
Rollins, Esther - Interceramic, Inc. (Austin), TX
Romppanen, Eric - Coldspring, MN
Roohan, Margaret - Granite & Marble Works, NY
Roxas, Vigil – Daltile, TX
Roy, Angela – United Materials Inc., FL
Russell, David - Mont Surfaces, OH
Russell, Trish - Granite America, KY
Ruvolo, Piera - ABC Stone, NY
Sadler, Preston - SiteOne Landscape Supply, GA
Salveson, Jerry - Andrew Lauren Surfaces, CA
Saretsky, Ken - ABC Worldwide Stone, NY
Scarborough, Eric - Coldspring, CO
Schmidt, Patrick - Vetter Stone, MN
Schneider, Cathie - Stonequest, ON
Schneider, Dan - Coldspring, MN
Schueller, Nick - Coldspring, MN
Schumacher, Michael - Michels Stone, WI
Schwartz, David - Walker Zanger, NJ
Scratch, Cathy - Materials Marketing, IL
Senders, Mary - Materials Marketing, TX
Shea, Yvonne Shelly - Interceramic, Inc. (San Antonio), TX
Shedrofsky, Rob – ABC Worldwide Stone, NY
Shrivastva, Sajiv - Al Milad General Trading Co., UAE
Shurafa, Lori - Interceramic, Inc. (Dallas), TX
Sikula, Arthur J – Ghirardi Stone Contracting, LLC, NY
Silva, Vanessa - Walker Zanger, TX
Singh, Jasdev - Tuffskin Surface Protection, LLC. NV
Slinkosky, Katie - Stone Tile Group, FL
Small, Arielle - ABC Stone, NY
Smith, Robert - Big Rock, SC
Steinheimer, Nate - Universal Granite & Marble, IL
Stewart, Cheryl - Triton Stone Group, TN
Stroud, Ryan - Blue Valley Granite, KS
Stokes, Walt - Stone Panels International, GA
Stolte, Tara - ABC Stone, NY
Stuart, Kathy - ABC Stone, NY
Talley, Judy - Marmi Natural Stone, GA
Teel, Katherine - Continental Cut Stone, TX
Teel, Rob - Continental Cut Stone, TX
Thielen, Amy – Coldspring, MN
Thiessen, Peter - Masonal Stone, Inc, ON
Tindall, Rachel - Interceramic, Inc. (Dallas), TX
Tousignant, Mary - Vermont Stone Art, VT
Traino, Trudy - Triton Stone Group, TX
Tuel, Patrick - Realstone Systems, MI
Tyler, Lyndsey Belle - ABC Stone, NY
Uger, Jim - NT Trading, Inc., NJ
Umbarger, Matthew - Walker Zanger, NC
Urchak, John - North American Tile and Stone LLC, NJ
Urso, Chase - Stone Collection of the World, FL
Usselman, Beau - Cereser Marmi, NV
Valentine, John - Stoneworks, Inc. FL
Vanderhorst, Paul - Blue Valley Granite, KS
Vautier, Dana - Vermont Stone Art, VT
Ventrone, Linnea - United Materials Inc., FL
Vigo-Romero, Paula - Miller Druck Specialty Contracting, NY
Vivas, Luis - Opustone Natural Stone Distributors, FL
Wacker, Chris – Sturgis Materials, KS
Wallace, Larry - Pacific Shore Stones, TX
Walls, Jessica - Stone Tile Group, FL
Weaver, Quade - TexaStone Quarries, TX
Wedholm, Chris – Vetter Stone, MN
Wedholm, Harley - Vetter Stone, MN
Weeks, Robert - Coldspring, UT
Wennergren, Tom - Valley View Granite, UT
Westling, Kipp - Triton Stone Group, LA
Wheeler, Josh - Semco Outdoor, OH
White, Julie - Litecore, IN
White, Skylar - Valley View Granite, UT
Wilson, Jesse – Arizona Tile, Herber, UT
Wolfe, Mike - Delgado Stone Distributors, CT
Wollenberg, Dan - Vetter Stone Company, MN
Wood, Courtney – Farmington Hills, MI
Wood, Daniel - Lurvey Supply, IL
Wood, Jon - Glacier Stone Supply LLC, MT
Wood, Lynda - Realstone Systems, MI
Woodward, Ashley - Walker Zanger, CA
Woodworth, Dacia - Natural Stone Institute, CO
Worman, Rick - TuffSkin Surface Protection, NV
Yarbrough, Tara - Stone Boutique, TX
Young, Herb - Interceramic, Inc. (Lawrenceville), GA
Zielinski, Chris- Interceramic, Inc., TX
Zucchi, Andrè – Zucchi Luxury Stones, CA




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