Accreditation in Progress: A 6 Month Online Immersion Course (June)

You’ve requested an application to become accredited by the Natural Stone Institute…now what?

Join us for a six month immersion course as we walk through the process of becoming accredited. For one hour a month, we will create a schedule to help you achieve your goal of becoming an accredited company. You’ll hear from fabricators who have been through the process and network with peers who are working through the program. At the end of this six month program, you will be ready to schedule your on-site audit and officially become an accredited company.

Mark Meriaux
Accreditation & Technical Manager
Natural Stone Institute

Registration is complimentary for companies with active accreditation application ($198 for members).
Click here to begin the accreditation process and receive an application.
Registration will be limited to 10 companies

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Thursday, April 16: Introduction

During this introductory session, you will meet the other participants from the Accreditation in Progress course.  Join us as we review 5 steps towards becoming accredited, the accreditation checklist, and create a six month schedule for becoming accredited.


  • 6 Month Natural Stone Institute Accreditation Schedule
  • Natural Stone Institute Accreditation Checklist

Before the session, please watch:

  • Natural Stone Institute Accreditation Program Overview
  • 5 Steps to Natural Stone Institute Accreditation

Thursday, May 21: Recommendations

Recommendations are a requirement of the accreditation process. Seeking recommendations gives you an opportunity to follow up on past successes. During this session, we will discuss the recommendations required to become accredited. Learn what recommendations meet this requirement and how to utilize these recommendations to drive sales.  Come away with a plan to ask for and receive recommendations that will help your company.


  • Sample recommendation request letter

Assignment 1: Letters of Recommendation (Due by May 18, 2020

Thursday, June 11: Business Paperwork

Join us as we review the business documents needed for accreditation. Come to this session with questions about acceptable paperwork and how to properly document information.

Before the session, please watch:

  • Insurance 101: Protecting Your Assets and Managing Risk (Optional)

Assignment 2: Submit Paperwork for Review (Due by June 8, 2020)

Thursday, July 9: Accreditation Exam

The Natural Stone Institute accreditation exam may seem intimidating at first, but there’s no need to worry. Join us as we discuss tips and tricks to help you successfully pass the exam. During this session, we will review the types of questions that will be asked and discuss strategies for finding the correct answer. Come away with a plan to pass the exam on the first try.

Before the session, please watch:

  • Preparing for the Accreditation Exam
  • Natural Stone Resource Library (Practice Exam)

Practice Test: July 6, 2020 (Optional)

Thursday, August 6: Working With OSHA

A voluntary OSHA visit is an accreditation requirement that causes many companies angst. Join us as we demystify this requirement. Hear from companies who have gone through the OSHA voluntary visit process.  Learn what to expect during this visit and how you can best prepare for it.


  • OSHA Inspection Checklist
  • Silica Exposure Control Plan for General Industry

Before the session, please watch:

  • Basics of OSHA Compliance for the Natural Stone Industry
  • Silica Exposure Standards and OSHA Compliance
  • Facility Safety Plan- Creating an Environment of Safety for Your Employees

Assignment 3: Set Up OSHA Voluntary Visit (Due by August 3, 2020)

Thursday, September 10: The Final Inspection

Your company has submitted the required paperwork, had a voluntary OSHA visit, and passed the accreditation exam. The last requirement in an on-site audit. During this session we will discuss what auditors look for when they visit your site. Review the scheduling process and audit paperwork. Come away with a plan to finalize the process of becoming an accredited company.

Assignment 4: Schedule Your Final Accreditation Audit (Due by September 7)



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