Becoming Accredited

The Natural Stone Institute accreditation program recognizes companies that are among the best in the natural stone industry with respect to physical facility and equipment, business and trade practices, technical knowledge and expertise, quality control, safety, finance, ethics, customer service and education, advertising and promotion, and employee policies for training, advancement, and discipline. The sole purpose of the accreditation program is to increase the quality of fabrication and installation practices in the stone industry and to reward those companies that qualify with a special identity in the marketplace.

3 Types of Accreditation

(Click on the Program Name for a Sample Application):

  1. Natural Stone Fabricator
  2. Commercial A Contractor (Heavy Commercial)
  3. Commercial B Contractor (Light Commercial)

How to Begin the Accreditation Process

Click "Application Request Form" below. The application fee is $250 for Natural Stone Institute members, ISFA members, and members of associations affiliated with the Natural Stone Council and $500 for non-Natural Stone Institute/ISFA/NSC members. The fee must be paid before the application mails.

Application Request Form

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