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Technical Bulletins

The Technical Bulletins listed were written after many tests were conducted by professionals in the industry.

Tolerances in the Dimension Stone Industry (Sept 2014)

Dimension Stone Test Methods, Guides, and Standards (June 2014)

Calcareous Onyx (December 2011)

Cement: Types and Usage with Natural Stone (October 2010)

Joint Sealants (May 2010)

Dimension Stone Anchorage Theory, Practice & Components (January 2010)

The Truth About Granite & Radon/Radiation (March 2007 - includes downloadable consumer brochure)

Countertop Sanitation Study Compares Natural with Engineered Stone (February 2006)

OSHA Bulletin: Hazards Associated with Transporting Granite and Marble Slabs (September 2005)

Wood Packaging Materials (August 2005)

Marble Soundness Classification (January 2005)

R-Value for Natural Stone (August 2004)

Countertop Sanitation Study Ranks Granite #1 in Cleanability (June 2004 reprint of 1999 study)

Granite & Radon — The Truth (September 1995 - includes downloadable consumer brochure)

Stone Test Reports of Group C Marbles


Stones of North America

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