Employment Practice Liability Insurance Program



All Distributor/Fabricator/Installer members in the US receive member discounts on their property/casualty insurance premiums. This includes general liability, workman’s compensation, property, ocean marine, and employment practice liability. They also have full access to all loss control and safety programs to further insulate their operations from loss. Remember; a safe shop does not happen by accident, safety starts at the top, lead by example.

Program benefits include:

  • Liability-Worldwide coverage for losses at your premises and offsite, including trade shows, products and completed operations
  • Property-For your buildings, inventory, tools, equipment, business interruption/extra expense
  • Workers Compensation-For all workers as well as uninsured subcontractors
  • Auto-For owned/leased vehicles
  • Ocean Marine-Warehouse to warehouse and selling price valuation
  • Umbrella Liability-For increased limits
  • Cyber Liability-Protects against a network breach and the associated expenses you will incur
  • Employment Practice Liability-harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination
  • Safety/loss control/risk transfer programs for all facets of your business

A broker, Marc Rosenkrantz, who has worked closely with the Association for over 14 years

We also include up front discounts for all members (12%) with an additional savings % to all accredited shops(4-6%).

Eligible Members
US members Fabricators/Installers/Distributors

How to Enroll
Contact Marc Rosenkrantz at Schechner Lifson Corporation at 908-598-7813 or marcr@slcinsure.com

Contact Marc Rosenkrantz at Schechner Lifson Corporation at 908-598-7813, or by fax 908-598-7880, or by email to marcr@slcinsure.com

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