Sample Education Syllabus

This sample safety syllabus is provided as a guide to help companies train employees who are new to the stone industry.  The guide takes new employees through the first 4 weeks of employment and recommends training through the first year of employment. .


First 4 Weeks of Employment:

Week 1: Safe Slab Handling Bundle
(9 courses; approximately 4.5 hours)
(9 Spanish Version Courses: approximately 4.5 hours)

Week 2: Safety Installation Bundle
(8 courses; approximately 4 hours)

Week 3: Personal Safety
(Estimated 4.5 Hours)
Employee should complete 7 Toolbox Talks and 2 webinars:

  1. TT113 Body Protection PPE Overview
  2. TT114 Eyes and Face Safety and PPE Overview
  3. TT115 Foot Protection PPE Overview
  4. TT116 Hand and Arm Safety and PPE Overview
  5. TT117 Head Protection PPE Overview
  6. TT118 Hearing Conservation Overview
  7. TT119 Respiratory Protection Overview


  1. SS107- No Place for Complacency- Keep Safety Active
  2. SS111: Silicosis: An Industry Guide to Awareness and Prevention


Week 4: Stone Industry Safety and Silicosis
Employee must affirm that they have reviewed the following documents:


Safety Maintenance Training
It is recommended that facilities provide additional safety training to their staff on a monthly basis.  One way to provide this training is through Tool Box Talks.  These are 30 minute discussions with your staff which provide real life situation and training.  A recommended first year of toolbox talks include:


Special Thanks to the Natural Stone Institute Safety Committee for Making this Possible


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