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The next issue of Building Stone Magazine will be distributed in Fall 2023. Highlights include:

  • The 260,000 sq ft Collegiate Gothic style Nicholas S. Zeppos College at Vanderbilt University was designed with a red brick blend cladding accentuated with atypical sandstone ashlar, quoins, and banding, paired with more traditional cut limestone details.
  • Henry Clay Smith designed an Italian Renaissance-style villa for industrialist Milton S. Ray in 1927. After it was purchased in 2012, it took eight years and a team of design and stone experts to restore and renovate the virtually gutted 6,848 sq ft mansion using modern structural codes and exquisite stone materials throughout.
  • The LEED Platinum-certified Serena Williams Building is the largest structure at Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, spanning more than 1 million square feet and nearly three city blocks. Located in front of this massive complex is Serena’s Garden which features battered walls of flamed and waterjet Obsidian Black basalt and large stone SERENA letters cut from black granite.

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