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Building Stone Magazine, founded by the Building Stone Institute (BSI) – now the Natural Stone Institute – is the trusted source of natural stone information for architects, landscape architects and interior designers. Now an exclusive, in-house publication of the Natural Stone Institute, Building Stone Magazine’s editorial and visually inspiring photography of stone installations, provide a direct portal of necessary stone awareness and technical resources to benefit the decision makers who impact our built environment.

Natural stone – by definition – is a natural and sustainable building product. Readily desired for its aesthetic beauty, its versatility in use, enduring life cycle, low maintenance and 100% recyclable qualities substantiate natural stone as a preferred green building product. The members of the Natural Stone Institute will communicate through Building Stone Magazine how our industry operates in an environmentally, socially & economically responsible manner to further promote natural stone’s green attributes that extend beyond LEED points recognition. Our goal is to effectively communicate the benefits of natural stone to those who ultimately will make design and product selections that support a healthier, more sustainable environment.


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The next issue of Building Stone Magazine will be distributed in Spring 2024.


Spring 2024
Installing the monolithic polished black granite for an infinity edge fountain on the University of Notre Dame campus required extreme precision in fabrication and installation. The radial fountain cap, engraved with a prayer translated in six languages had to be installed within 1/16” of an inch in all directions to allow the bubbler to trickle water over the bullnosed edge, leaving no room for error.

An uncommon four-story meeting house and steeple clad in limestone is the base for a 25-story glass tower that illustrates creativity and balance of materials for this downtown Salt Lake City building. The scale of the stone anchors the building, making a striking visual statement of strength and security. An extremely small footprint of the project required multiple scaffold systems, careful planning, and sequencing of materials.

Italian white marbles with grey accents create a high-end timeless master bathroom design with handcrafted features. Custom floor pattern, curb less shower floor with invisible drain, and an arched mosaic shower ceiling with magnetic vent cover are just a few unique details that elevate the opulence of this one-of-a-kind design.

Fall 2024
For a small, urban parcel within a historic district in Virginia, the strategic use of natural stone blends the old with the new. The merging of interior and exterior spaces, the artistry exhibited in the locally sourced stone elements, and the integration with the surrounding context create a private environment with commitment to craftsmanship and regional identity.

A Gothic rear altar, originally constructed and installed in the late 1880s, was salvaged, dismantled, and removed from its parish church in Massachusetts. Over two years of restoration, carving and repairs of missing statuary marble elements and inlays was necessary before being reinstalled at Christendom College. 

The primary focal point in this double-height entry hall is a monumental zigzag staircase that rises out of the back of the forty feet high courtyard. Entirely clad in floor to ceiling, darkly veined limestone, the precision alignment of the veining required the entire fabrication process, from the extraction of the stone to installation, to have the highest degree of coordination.

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