Investing in the Stone Industry

A check-off program is a federally approved program “Research and Promotional Board” that generates funding to assist a specific industry. Some examples include: National Dairy Board (Got Milk? ®), Cattlemen's Beef Board (Beef. It's What's for Dinner®), and Cotton Board (The Fabric of Our Lives®), plus several more.

How would this program benefit the Natural Stone Industry?

  • Provide industry funds to promote natural stone and increase demand through advertising, consumer education, and market research
  • Strengthens natural stone’s position in the marketplace by maintaining and expanding markets
  • Prevent “free riders”— everyone contributes
  • Build consistent product presence
  • Fund industry product and development research
  • Industry-wide mechanism to communicate the superiority of natural stone and other key marketing messages.
  • Increase long term economic growth of all sectors of the industry
  • Gives the natural stone industry the resources to grow its market share

Quick Review of the Numbers

  • Proposed Industry Assessment:  ½ of 1% (.005)
  • Anticipated Annual Revenue Forecasted: $16 million
  • Percentage of Revenue from Imported Stone: 85.8%
  • Percentage of Revenue from Domestic Stone: 14.2%
  • Return on the Investment: $8-10 generated for every $1 spent (data based on annual reports generated by industries that have an existing check-off program).

Learn More

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  • Details about the Natural Stone Research & Promotional Board
  • Examples of how the assessment will impact stone companies
  • Examples of how the money will be used to benefit the natural stone industry
  • And other frequently asked questions.

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