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The Philanthropic Arm of the Natural Stone Institute


What We Do

The Natural Stone Foundation is a funding mechanism for key industry initiatives that member dues cannot provide. Some of these include:

Increasing natural stone’s market share

Supporting globally unified standards

Combatting confusion between natural and manmade materials

Educating and inspiring architects and designers to use more natural stone in their projects

Cultivating future stone industry leaders


Providing Funding For


Natural Stone Promotion



Who We Help

Stone Industry Professionals
Access an abundance of educational content free of charge.

Design Community
Get the tools needed to make using natural stone easier.

Scholarship Recipients
Future industry leaders can jumpstart their careers.

Providing fact-based information to help guide natural stone selection.







Make a Donation

Your donation helps create a sustainable funding mechanism for critical initiatives and ensures that the industry you love will prosper for years to come.

Contact Us

Learn more about the Foundation and how you can get involved. Please contact Pam Hammond at or (440) 250-9222.




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