Brenda Edwards Receives Women in Stone Pioneer Award

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Brenda Edwards with 2016 BSI President Aaron Hicken and 2016 MIA President David Castellucci.




Oberlin, OH and Chestertown, NY, February 7, 2017—Brenda Edwards, owner and general manager of TexaStone Quarries in Garden City, TX, is the recipient of the first-ever Women in Stone Pioneer Award. Edwards received the award at the MIA+BSI Awards Luncheon at TISE in January.

In a career spanning more than twenty years, Edwards has been an active participant in countless industry initiatives and associations. She has held key leadership roles with MIA, BSI, and the Natural Stone Council, and is currently serving on the transitional MIA+BSI Board of Directors. Her company was the first to certify under the ANSI/NSC 373 Sustainability Standard, and her leadership was paramount to the creation of the Women in Stone initiative.\

In a letter nominating Edwards for this award, Jennifer Sayles, Marketing Manager at TexaStone Quarries wrote: “Brenda teaches anyone that wants to learn, helps anyone in need, battles any obstacle that comes her way, and loves this industry fiercely. Her passion is contagious; her knowledge immeasurable. Brenda is truly a pioneer for this industry.” Brie Pfannenbecker, VP of Operations at Connecticut Stone, agrees: “Brenda’s impact spans both genders and ensures a brighter, more competent, more dynamic future for the industry as a whole.”

Edwards reflects on her involvement with Women in Stone and how it has impacted her career: “In all my years in the stone industry, I have never had more fun and appreciated the business more than being involved with Women in Stone. I am honored to serve with these intelligent, energetic, and passionate ladies. Together they have brought recognition to the women working in the stone industry. A special thanks to MIA+BSI for making it all possible and giving me the opportunity to serve with each one of them!”

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