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Natural Stone Institute CEU: Education from Industry Experts

We develop the tools and resources necessary to provide accurate and ongoing education with the hope that it will inspire audiences to value natural stone as a building material. This program utilizes the continuing education systems set up by AIA, IDCEC, LA CES, NKBA, GBCI and other professional organizations.  In order to maintain the integrity and authorization of our CEU Speaker Program, Natural Stone Institute odes that we will honor the following to our members:

  • Review all CEU courses prior to submission through the provider network to make sure the information within is accurate, well rounded and educational in nature.
  • Ensure all courses are up to date with CEU credit status.
  • Orientate and certify the speakers.
  • Administer the program by providing necessary program tools to CEU Certified Speakers, record attendance, report credits and maintain records for all participants in the courses.
  • Listen to valued feedback from CEU program audiences and utilize their responses to continually improve our program.
  • Provide a volunteer committee opportunity to collaborate on speaker best practices and better our educational programs.


Speakers are given the opportunity to engage with their audience, and attendees learn stone education backed by firsthand industry experience. Our Certified Speakers and attendees can both attest to the benefits and value that the CEU program provides:

“The ability to present the Institute’s CEU Courses has provided us access to new firms as well as offering a much appreciated value-added service to our existing trade client base. It has been a wonderful addition to our outreach and services to the A+D community”
– Joshua Levinson, CEU Certified Speaker (Artistic Tile)

 “I was unaware that stone could be certified – very good to know. This presentation far exceeds my expectations. It was informative, but not overwhelming. It was engaging, but not pandering. Good work.”
– “Why Specify Certified Stone” 2019 Course Attendee   Course presented by Karen Olah, CEU Certified Speaker and winner of the 2019 Speaker of the Year Award (Premier Member Coldspring)

“Really an outstanding job explaining the process of stone, the reasons behind dimensions and the potential applications in an engaging way. While we already loved stone, this has opened us up to more consideration of its uses. It was nice to be engaged in an AIA course.
Natural Stone Principles 2019 Course Attendee Course presented be Mark Barber, CEU Certified Speaker (Premier Member Earthworks)

Program Details

Enroll your organization as either a Premier or Typical Provider and gain access to:

  • 19 turn-key authorized courses to utilize for both in-person and webinar presentation
  • Support for the creation and approval of courses unique and exclusive to your organization
  • An online dashboard for event creation, attendee communication and reporting
  • An opportunity to join our volunteer CEU Education Committee and collaborate with NSI on program improvements

Our CEU Speaker Orientation provides valuable information on program specifics while simultaneously completing a certification requirement (if viewed in its entirety). We encourage you to learn more about Natural Stone Institute’s CEU Program and hope that you’ll be inspired to join us in our mission of educating architects, designers and other professionals in the construction industry about natural stone.

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