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OUR PURPOSE: Serve the Natural Stone Institute's Vision of being a worldwide leader in stone industry education.

OUR VISION:  Provide accurate & ongoing education about the value, benefits, and best practices of using natural stone as a building material to architects, designers, and other professionals in the construction industry. 


  • Utilize the continuing education systems set up by AIA, IDCEC, LACES, NKBA, GBCI and other design professional organizations.
  • Develop tools and resources about natural stone that are accurate and consistent in format.
  • Empower Natural Stone Institute CEU Speakers to provide continuing education credits to their audiences.


The Natural Stone Institute odes to the members enrolled in the CEU Program to:

  • Ensure all courses are up to date with CEU credit status.
  • REview all CEU courses prior to submission through the provider network to make sure the information within is accurate, well rounded and educational in nature.
  • Administer the program by providing the necessary paperwork to CEU Speakers, recording attendance, reporting credits and maintaining records for all participants in the courses.
  • Orientate speakers.
  • Listen to feedback from CEU program audiences and make recommendations to the committee.
  • Keep volunteer committee productive by organizing meeting and making recomendations for priorities.



AKDO Names 2014 Educator of the Year


“We can empower our members to speak on behalf of the Natural Stone Institute, using Institute presentations, and supported by Institute staff to educate architects and designers in their communities.”
-Richard Booms, Booms Stone Company, 2004 MIA Education Committee Chair & Past MIA President

“The ability to present the Institute’s CEU Courses has provided us access to new firms as well as offering a much appreciated value-added service to our existing trade client base. It has been a wonderful addition to our outreach and services to the A+D community”
-Joshua Levinson, Artistic Tile, 2010 MIA Education Committee Chair

“The promotional opportunity for putting our company and brand on the map within the stone industry has been really incredible.”
-Vincent Moiso, 2012 MIA Education Committee Chair

“I enjoyed the tours and information presented and have come back to the office with a much better appreciation for the process that takes stone from the source to our projects."
-Dennis Johnson, AIA

"As certified stone professionals, we are promoting that education among architects, designers, and construction professionals so that they're able to comfortably recommend stone to their clients.  It gives them confidence and knowledge in being able to confidently specify the stone in their projects."
-Robert Bacon, Daltile, 2012-16 Education Committee Chair



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