MIA Launches "Wine & Stone" Networking Events through its Women in Stone Initiative

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MIA Launches "Wine & Stone" Networking Events through its Women in Stone Initiative

OBERLIN, OH, May 17, 2015 — The MIA's "Women in Stone" initiative is launching an innovative and fun way to bring industry and design professionals together. The Wine & Stone presentation is a wine tasting event centered on educating participants about the similarities in selecting both wine and stone and the uniqueness of both products. Both are products of Mother Nature that have distinctive characteristics, the same variety of grapes produced in two different regions will yield completely different taste. The same with selecting stone from around the world and the difference in characteristics.

This program was initially introduced as a test in two markets (Las Vegas and Dallas), hosted by Las Vegas Rock and MS International. At Coverings, the MIA unveiled a resource kit and video to showcase how these networking events can be used in individual showrooms. The first company to schedule a "Wine & Stone" event is Cosentino Center at their Canton, MA location.

The resource kit includes the following:

  1. A shopping list with recommended wines, and supplies needed.
  2. Samples of stones featured in the presentation.
  3. Room set-up instructions.
  4. Table placemats with designations and labels for each wine being used.
  5. Presentation guide for your team to educate the audience about the wines and stones being showcased.
  6. Template marketing flyer which will be customized with your logo and the date & time of your event.
  7. Landing page on the MIA website where attendees can find out all the details about your event, including the option to register online.
  8. And optional, the MIA will also promote your event with email marketing to MIA members in your area.

Participants at the launch of the Wine & Stone event
in Las Vegas January 2015

Kim Dumais of Miller Druck Specialty Contracting, Inc. said, "The "Wine & Stone" resource kit provides everything necessary to host an event. The event is educational, fun, and attracts people to your facility."

To learn more about how to schedule a "Wine & Stone" event, go online to www.marble-institute.com/womeninstone to watch the orientation video or contact Carol Wilkins at cwilkins@marble-institute.com.

About Women in Stone
The Women in Stone group is powered by the MIA. It began in 2014 with a vision to help recruit, retain and advance women in the stone industry. Over the past year they have accomplished many goals including developing a mission statement, organizing a steering committee and holding several networking and education events. To find out more information, visit their website at www.marble-institute.com/womeninstone.


About the MIA:
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