Speaker Resources

Learn how to become a Natural Stone Institute CEU Certified Speaker. Find the resources needed for certified speakers from registering for orientation to scheduling classes via the Class Notification Form.


Natural Stone Institute CEU Program Orientation

This is a ‘how to’ video featuring the Natural Stone Institute’s CEU Program. Members can enroll in the program so they can access turn-key presentations, present them to the architects and designers of their choice, and offer ceu credits. Once you finish watching, forward your quiz answers to Sarah Gregg who will assist you with your next steps.

Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss the history of the CEU program and how your involvement can benefit your company.
  2. Summarize each of the courses currently offered and briefly examine the support & literature available for training.
  3. Learn about scheduling classes and explain the necessary paperwork involved.
  4. Learn about the enrollment process and relevant fees.

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Natural Stone Institute Customizing CEU Presentations

Available to Natural Stone Institute Members Only

Have you ever considered customizing a CEU presentation for your companies use? This ‘how to’ video discusses the value of a customized CEU presentation. You will learn about presentation requirements, the credit approval process and how to establish yourself as a provider and administrator.

Learning Objectives

  1. Customize turn-key presentations so the discussion is more relevant to your company's products and services.
  2. Produce a new CEU presentation that is approved to grant your audience credit through the Natural Stone Institute's provider network.
  3. Establish your company as a provider and administrator of your own proprietary classes.
  4. Determine the best way to customize the CEU program to fit your needs.

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Speaker Resources

Class Notification Form

Premium Class Notification Form (if you are not sure if you are a Premier provider, consult the Find a Speaker page)

CEUevents.com Dashboard How To (For speakers part of the BETA test group)

CEU Program Enrollment Form

Speaker Biography Form

Speaker Oath

Orientation Slides (updated 3/21/2017)

Request CEU Resources Flash Drive

Join Dropbox Folder For Access To All Up To Date Resources

Email Sarah Gregg to be invited to join the shared CEU Resources folder. The folder contains over 4GB of information. If you are not a paid Dropbox user, request individual download links instead. 



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