Dan Doyle Receives 2019 Natural Stone Craftsman of the Year Award

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Oberlin, OH, February 18, 2020—Dan Doyle (The Gallegos Corporation) is the recipient of the 2019 Natural Stone Craftsman of the Year Award.

Dan Doyle epitomizes what a dedicated tradesman in the stone industry can accomplish. He joined The Gallegos Corporation in 1988 as a brick and rubble stone mason and has been indispensable to the company ever since. Dan’s colleague Dave Little, Chief Business Development Officer at Gallegos, believes Dan’s ability to understand what clients are looking for has earned him a good reputation of accomplishment. His skills and ability to converse with designers, owners, and contractors have contributed to repeat business. “They want Dan on their project because it gives them a sense that it’s going to be completed on time and it’s going to be what the owners want,” Little said.

Recently, Dan has begun acting as a tile and slab installation instructor for Gallegos, acting as a mentor. On the job, his colleagues are learning just by working alongside him and seeing how he reacts to the requests of architects. He takes the time to tell them what is or isn’t possible and why.

Dan enjoys communicating with architects, but his real satisfaction comes from sharing his skills and experience with his coworkers. “It makes you feel good. You know that you have learned a few things over the years, and it’s nice that you can help someone out to further them along.” Dan’s coworkers are inspired by this award. Travis Preston, a member of his crew, commented: “This is an award that I have heard about through the years. It was a true inspiration, and I even joked around with him that ‘hey, you just gave me a new goal in life.’ This is something that I’m going to strive for.”

Receiving this award has meant a lot to both Dan and his father, but he attributes this success to the team at Gallegos. “I would like to thank the Gallegos Corporation. Suzanne Gallegos, her husband Gerald—he was the bomb. Gary Woodworth, Daryl Woodworth, all the PMs. Can’t do it without them. They’re all good people.” 

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