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Differentiate yourself from the competition by demonstrating solid business practices that improve the success of your projects and strengthen client relationships. Companies who achieve Natural Stone Institute Accreditation receive the following benefits:

  • Third party validation of your company’s capabilities
  • A review of existing practices, including immediate improvements in employee training, records management, and safety practices
  • Preference in architectural specifications from leading design professionals
  • Recognition and advertising from Natural Stone Institute website, major industry publications, and at trade shows
  • Use of the Accreditation Seal for local marketing





STEP 1: Request an Application (online or by calling 440-250-9222)

STEP 2: Submit application and all supporting documents and review fees

STEP 3: Qualifying Agent must take and pass the Accreditation Exam

STEP 4: Participate in Safety Compliance program

STEP 5: Host a site visit by a Natural Stone Institute auditor

Once all of the above items have been satisfied, the Accreditation Board will issue an official notice recognizing the company’s Accreditation.

The Natural Stone Institute Accreditation Department is here to help you. Contact us with any questions or for clarification throughout the accreditation process: Email:  or call: 440-250-9222


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