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Our Vision

women in stone

A thriving industry with passionate and diverse leaders.


Our Mission

To recruit, retain, and advance women in the natural stone industry by providing networking connections and educational resources.


Our Why Statement

We provide a pathway for women who share a passion for natural stone to reach their full potential and become valuable contributors to advancing our industry.


  • Networking. Increase networking opportunities by coordinating venues to build relationships.
  • Education. Develop and promote educational resources that help women gain the confidence and skills they need to succeed.
  • Recognition. Recognize emerging and experienced women who excel in the industry.
  • Recruitment. Create awareness of opportunities and career paths available to women considering careers in the stone industry.


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Join the Women in Stone Facebook GROUP for open discussion about events, industry issues, and jobs.



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Women in Stone is powered by generous sponsorships. Help us to recruit, retain, and advance women in the natural stone industry by supporting our cause.
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Women in Stone Steering Committee

  • Susan Van Etten, Murphy Marble (Chair)
  • Analisa Fraga, PICCO Engineering
  • Karla Forest, Northern Stone Supply
  • Mariavittoria Grassi, Grassi Pietra
  • Michaela Steinbach, Mario & Son
  • Tia Emery, Miles Supply
  • Jacqueline Tabbah, International Stoneworks
  • Beth McBride, Montana Rockworks
  • Sylvie Beaudoin, Polycor
  • Marcette Gordon, Gallegos
  • Sarah B Gregg, Natural Stone Institute (Administrator)
  • Brenda Edwards, TexaStone Quarries (Liaison)





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