Mission, Vision & Strategic Themes


The mission of The Natural Stone Institute is to serve and support the dimension natural stone industry by providing an array of services, products, and authoritative information important to, and valued by, industry members.



Ten Year Vision: To establish an industry-leading reputation for providing valuable services, products, and authoritative information to the natural stone industry through a commitment to quality and member service.

  • Natural stone will be the leading choice for appropriate hard-surface applications.
  • Members will see The Natural Stone Institute as an essential partner in their success.
  • Membership is representative of the diverse nature of the natural stone industry.
  • The Natural Stone Institute accreditation is widely regarded as the leading indicator of a company's commitment to high standards of business practice and to quality stone craftsmanship.
  • The design community will specify accreditation of fabricators/installers.
  • Industry members view accreditation as a competitive advantage.
  • The Natural Stone Institute standards are universally recognized and accepted/specified.
  • The Natural Stone Institute is widely recognized as the leader in stone industry education.


Strategic Themes

The Natural Stone Institute's strategic themes include:

To Represent the Dimensional Natural Stone Industry
The Natural Stone Institute's focus on growing membership is strategic in order to support the association's broader goals. The Natural Stone Institute will focus on targeting specific segments (type of company) of the industry to grow and diversify the Regular member category and Associate member category. This includes applying a regional approach to membership recruitment and retention. The Natural Stone Institute will also define a strategy for acquiring international members.

To Be An Essential Partner To All Segments of the Dimensional Natural Stone Industry
The Natural Stone Institute members look to the association to promote natural dimension stone as the leading materials choice for residential and commercial applications and serve as the voice of the industry. With the recent need to respond to threats on the industry, The Natural Stone Institute has also broadened its role to include both promoting and defending natural stone. The Natural Stone Institute will continue to ensure that the association is playing a role in shaping perceptions of natural stone as safe and sustainable, as well as promoting the use of Natural Stone Institute members in order to position members for enhanced business opportunities.

To Be Recognized As An Educational Leader For the Dimensional Natural Stone Industry
The Natural Stone Institute has invested in expanding its educational offerings to ensure member companies have the information and knowledge to be on the leading edge of the industry. With an accreditation program and awards programs in place to recognize the commitment to high levels of professionalism and craftsmanship, The Natural Stone Institute must also ensure that the educational content and technical standards developed equip members to deliver the highest quality stone craftsmanship.

To Develop and Promote Universally Accepted Standards
A core component of The Natural Stone Institute's legacy is serving as the authoritative source for information on standards of natural stone workmanship and practice, and the suitable application of natural stone products. A critical next step for The Natural Stone Institute is to promote the use of its technical standards beyond the Natural Stone Institute membership, particularly among the architect and design community, so the standards become universally accepted and specified.

To Maintain A High Level of Organizational Effectiveness
The Natural Stone Institute must ensure that its infrastructure and financial resources support successful execution of the association's strategic goals.



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