Code of Ethics

As members of the Natural Stone Institute, we aim to support the association’s mission of being a leader in the stone industry. We believe in operating our businesses with the following values: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, and fairness.

We pledge to do the following:

  • We will adhere to industry guidelines as outlined in the Natural Stone Institute’s Dimension Stone Design Manual, the Natural Stone Supplier to Buyer Manual, and other standards and technical publications.
  • We will strive to keep the health and safety of our employees at the forefront by following safety guidelines, adhering to laws and recommendations, and putting safety first in every aspect of our business.
  • We will deal fairly with customers, subcontractors, suppliers, and employees. Honesty, integrity, quality, and professionalism will guide our company’s work.
  • We will educate our employees, customers, and clients to ensure they have adequate product knowledge and understand the value of working with genuine natural stone.
  • We will promote a spirit of cooperation and collaboration within the industry.

We understand that these responsibilities are part of our obligation as members of the Natural Stone Institute.

November 2022



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