Join the 1-for-1 Membership Campaign

In January 2012, MIA+BSI President Michael Twiss introduced the 1-for-1 membership campaign. He shared, "I believe each and every one of us knows at least one other company in your area that would benefit by being a member; so here is my challenge: the new 1-for-1 plan. I encourage each MIA member company to find one non-member company and then encourage them to become a member of the MIA+BSI."

The premise of this challenge is that 1600 companies worldwide rely on the MIA+BSI to help strengthen skills, build business, and advance careers. In most cases, the services provided are only available from the MIA+BSI — imagine the impact this organization could have on the stone industry if the membership doubled in size.

You might be asking, where do I find a complete listing of membership benefits? That work is already completed! For example, if you have an industry colleague who is a contracting installer (see list on the right), review those benefits before you approach them to make sure you haven't forgotten something. However, the best statement of value will be you sharing your passion for what the Natural Stone Institute does to bring value to your company on a daily basis. The 1-for-1 campaign is a peer-to-peer recruitment program — it does work and will have long-term benefits. So join the challenge today and help build a better industry!

How to Accept the 1-for-1 Challenge:

Each 1-for-1 participant will receive a customized membership recruitment packet and all the resources needed to introduce the MIA+BSI to an industry colleague.

"I ask you to join me ... Let's make this a priority and come out of this recession stronger and more determined to use natural stone in every way possible."

Michael Twiss, 2012 MIA President
Columbia Stone, Tualatin, OR


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