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Stone Restoration and Maintenance is the fastest growing segment of the Natural Stone Institute's current membership. The Natural Stone Institute is a leading advocate for the proper use, installation, and care of all types of natural stone. There are more stone varieties than ever being installed, so the need for accurate information is critical to the success of your business. The power of Natural Stone Institute advocacy and the natural sustainability of stone indicate a bright future for the restoration and maintenance segment of the stone industry. The more stone that is properly installed will, in the future, need to be maintained and restored.

As a member, we thank you for your support! The Natural Stone Institute is the largest trade association in the world representing the dimension stone industry, and for over 65 years, it has been a leader in providing advocacy, networking, marketing/publicity, information/education, professionalism, and stone promotion.

Top Restoration / Maintenance Benefits...

Technical support, referrals, money savings business services, education, promotion, members' only discounts, access to industry peers, networking, and supporting the industry are among the top benefits enjoyed by restoration & maintenance specialists.

If you have any questions about Natural Stone Institute member benefits, feel free to contact our member services team at or 440-250-9222.


Building a Better Industry

Natural Stone Institute membership is powerful. It affords the industry the power to collectively address issues that no one company can tackle on their own. Members subscribe to a code of ethics, proudly display the member logo as the symbol of trust and authority in the natural stone industry, and look to Natural Stone Institute membership as a way to give back to the industry. The natural stone industry needs a strong association to help it to fully succeed and grow. Member firms build a better industry through the Natural Stone Institute.

Join your industry colleagues in building a better industry.

Technical Expertise

The Dimension Stone Design Manual is the U.S. stone industry's single-source reference for dimension stone design and construction specs and details. The Natural Stone Institute's technical department responds to thousands of inquiries annually. Access to the Institutes's technical staff, standards, and technical bulletins is annually ranked the #1 member benefit.

The Natural Stone Institute needs your expertise in the restoration and maintenance field. Member technical committees contribute their knowledge in the continuous refinement of the Dimension Stone Design Manual. Members contribute to this effort by being a part of the Natural Stone Institute's volunteer technical committee.

Restoration professionals turn to the standards established by the Natural Stone Institute for the stone industry.

Networking / Referrals

To compliment open access to other Natural Stone Institute members, the Institute provides fabricator with a number of networking opportunities to connect with other restoration and maintenance professionals, as well as other leaders in the industry. The Natural Stone Institute holds many face-to-face events at several industry trade shows and regional educational seminars around the country.

The online membership directory, social media sites, and other electronic communication tools also can connect consumers with fabricator members.

A recent Natural Stone Institute Member networking event at StonExpo.

Access to Information

As part of the Natural Stone Institute "community," members stay informed, explore new markets, and showcase their business to fellow Natural Stone Institute members worldwide. Restoration and maintenance professionals utilize the Natural Stone Institute newsletter, technical publications, and industry reports to stay informed. Learn more.

Education / Training

At Natural Stone Institute's regional seminars, restoration & maintenance specialists are given the opportunity to focus on their business operations. Many also participate in classes offered at StonExpo and Coverings.

Members can also take advantage of items available from the Natural Stone Institute bookstore. Products include technical standards, stone source references, health & safety materials, sales & marketing (includes consumer brochures and showroom posters) resources, reference materials, training & education, design, and business management publications & videos. Natural Stone Institute Members generally save up to 50% off the non-member price.

Maintenance professionals gather for a 1-day seminar hosted by the Natural Stone Institute.

Promotion / Awards Programs

Restoration and maintenance professionals have the opportunity to receive worldwide exposure when named a winner of any of the different awards that are available to members. The Natural Stone Institute's coveted Awards programs honor and recognize natural stone companies, natural stone professionals, and architects from around the globe. The Natural Stone Institute Natural Stone Scholarship program also recognizes a young professional in the industry with an all-expense paid trip to StonExpo. Learn more.

Natural Stone Institute Awards Programs

Money Saving Business Services

Save money on shipping costs by using the services of FedEx®, Yellow Transportation, and UPS Freight. Even if you ship only occasionally, the Natural Stone Institute Discount Shipping Program is free to Natural Stone Institute members. When signing up you may also want to inquire about the standard, select, and special trade show shipping program. Learn more.

Other Business Programs
The Natural Stone Institute also offers discounts on collections, credit card processing fees, employment practice liability insurance, office supplies and print services, utility audit, and website optimization. Learn more.

"We saved more than our member dues by enrolling in the endorsed partner program for both shipping and credit card processing."
Manny Mojica, Twin Stone Designs & Installation, Inc.


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