Natural stone quarries are a critical segment of Natural Stone Institute membership and consequently, the benefits provided to quarries are plentiful. The Natural Stone Institute represents the entire natural stone supply chain (from the quarries to maintenance) — which means it is highly likely that many of your customers are Natural Stone Institute members too. When you review the list of benefits showcased below, remember your membership supports services provided to your customers (e.g. fabricators, installers, restoration professionals, etc.), as well as to your firm.

As a member, we thank you for your support! The Natural Stone Institute is the largest trade association in the world representing the dimension stone industry, and for over 65 years, it has been a leader in providing advocacy, networking, marketing/publicity, information/education, professionalism, and stone promotion.

Massoquoi Marble Quarry by Polycor. A division of Polycor is a Natural Stone Institute charter member since 1944.

Top Quarrier Benefits...

Access, networking, technical support, promotion, discounts, referrals, money savings business services, and supporting the industry are among the top benefits enjoyed by quarrying members.

If you have any questions about Natural Stone Institute member benefits, feel free to contact our member services team at membership@naturalstoneinstitute.org or 440-250-9222.

Building a Better Industry

Natural Stone Institute membership is powerful. It affords the industry the power to collectively address issues that no one company can tackle on their own. Members subscribe to a code of ethics, proudly display the member logo as the symbol of trust and authority in the natural stone industry, and look to Natural Stone Institute membership as a way to give back to the industry. The natural stone industry needs a strong association to help it to fully succeed and grow. Member firms build a better industry through the Natural Stone Institute.

Join your industry colleagues in building a better industry.

Supporting Safety Initiatives

Several stone distributor members are actively engaged in several Natural Stone Institute safety committees to develop training resources for their employees and their fabricator customers. We invite you to join your distributing colleagues in support of this very important initiative. In 2011 the Institute will be introducing both English and Spanish versions of the "Safe Stone Slab Handling II" video.

"This is the most comprehensive slab safety program of all time. The amount of effort and dedication that went into this initiative should be commended with the highest honor. This is a wakeup call for the stone industry and this program should be the foundation in every slab handling institution around the world." — Jim Nikolopoulos, Walker Zanger

"We care about our customers, we care about our customers' customer. A safe and healthy industry is good for all of us. This video stresses the importance of safety for everyone's sake." — Gian Luca Fiori, Marble and Granite Inc.

The Natural Stone Institute has several opportunities for quarrying members to get involved in ongoing safety initiatives.

New slab handling video developed and funded by nine stone distributors for the industry.

StonExpo Discounts

Natural Stone Institute members receive preferred rates every year for exhibiting at StonExpo/Marmomacc Americas allowing them to pay so much less for booth space that Natural Stone Institute membership typically pays for itself in StonExpo discounts alone.

StonExpo takes place in Las Vegas annually at the end of January.

Natural Stone Institute members SAVE $250 for each 10'x10' booth — the savings for many distributor members exceeds their annual dues.

Meshoppen Stone saved $500 on their StonExpo Marmomacc Americas exhibition in 2011.

Money Saving Business Services

  1. Collections
    Vericore offers Natural Stone Institute members excellent service and reporting while assisting them in the collections process and related services. Learn more.
  2. Other Business Programs
    The Natural Stone Institute also offers discounts within the USA on package shipping and palletized freight, credit card processing services, employment practice liability insurance, office supplies and print services, utility audit, and website optimization. Learn more.

The Natural Stone Institute has partnered with VeriCore to gain members worldwide favorable rates and excellent customer care on collections and related service needs.

Access to Natural Stone Institute Members

As part of the Natural Stone Institute "community," you will stay informed, explore new markets, and showcase your business to other Natural Stone Institute members worldwide. Many quarries utilize the Natural Stone Institute newsletter, technical publications, and industry reports to stay informed. Learn more.


To compliment access to Natural Stone Institute members, the InstituteI provides quarries with a number of networking opportunities to connect with customers. The Natural Stone InstituteI holds many face-to-face events at several industry trade shows and regional educational seminars around the country. The online membership directory, social media sites, and other electronic communication tools connect distributor members with buyer members.

A Natural Stone Institute Quarry Tour.

CEU Education

Quarrying members can also utilize the Natural Stone Institute's education program to network with key stone industry customers. Quarries that connect with members of the architectural and design communities, find value in the Natural Stone Institute's CEU (continuing education units) program. Learn more.

 Members, Lundhs AS and Vermont Quarries, provide CEU programs as part of the Institute's speaker's bureau.

Sponsorships and Advertising — Reach Professionals and Consumers

Many quarrying members showcase their company through advertising and/or sponsoring key industry events. Advertising in the newsletter, banner ads, industry events, and awards programs are just a few of these promotion efforts. The Stone of The Year sponsorship is featured on the annual member directory, certificate, and the Natural Stone Institute website. It is a great way to market your stone to the entire industry.

Consider the Natural Stone Institute website as a conduit to expanding your brand image. When you support an industry program, your company logo is always showcased. Learn more.

Supporting Quarry Customers

The Natural Stone Institute supports many of your customers. Here are some examples:

  1. Wholesale Stone Distributors
    Stone Distributors are the second largest customer group served by Natural Stone Institute membership. Many enjoy hosting Natural Stone Institute education events that bring customers and specifiers into their showrooms.
  2. Fabricators/Installers
    Fabricators make up the largest customer group served by distributor members. The Institute has many programs to support fabricator/installers including the coveted accreditation program, awards programs, education, training, financial benchmarking surveys, safety programs, and much more. Many quarries find ways to support these initiatives simply because they are critical to the success of their customers. Ask how you can support these programs.
  3. Others
    Natural Stone Institute members also include equipment/tooling/chemical suppliers, restoration/maintenance professionals, and importer/exporters. Natural Stone Institute membership helps quarries connect with these industry segments too.

Mont Granite, a Cleveland-based distributor, recently sponsored an OSHA-guided tour of local fabrication shops to showcase safety best-practices for their customers.

Sharing Technical Expertise

Many quarries lend their technical expertise on Natural Stone Institute technical committees to assist with writing Natural Stone Institute Technical Bulletins. These bulletins provide an ongoing educational resource to Natural Stone Institute members and the design community at large. Upcoming topics vary, covering such subjects as joint sealant design use, air barriers, insulation, crack isolation products, portland cement, flashing designs, etc. They include basic information and will clarify and detail these sometimes troublesome and confusing subjects.

Other volunteer opportunities are available. Learn more.


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