Health Product Declarations

A Health Product Declaration (HPD) is a material ingredient report that serves as a tool for providing transparency about the ingredients in building products. An HPD for natural stone includes details such as the mineral composition, quarry location, and any additional treatments or finishes applied to the stone.

Natural Stone Institute member quarriers can use the steps below to easily create HPDs for their products. Once published, they will be publicly available in the HPD Public Repository providing visibility to design teams. With access to the HPDs they are able to check boxes needed to satisfy green building goals including LEED credits. 


How to create a material ingredient report for your natural stone product(s):

Step 1: Review NSI’s HPD Templates.
Step 2: Register to use the HPD Builder.

Step 3: Purchase tokens ($375 for 5 HPDs) or become a member of HPDC (starting at $750 for unlimited HPDs).

Step 4: Email HPDC to request NSI’s HPD Templates be added to your HPD Builder account. Be sure to let them know which one(s) you need (limestone, granite, marble, etc).

Step 5: Customize the following fields in the HPDC dashboard:

General Information: MasterFormat Classification, Product Description

Substances, Materials & Polymers: Materials: All Fields

Contact Info & Publication: All Fields

Step 6: Click through the rest of the fields in the builder and edit as needed. Refer to the HPD Open Standard, if needed, and utilize their Knowledge Base for troubleshooting.

Step 7: Publish your HPDs. This will make them publicly available in the HPD Repository. You can also download them for use on your website and sharing with clients. Send them to the Natural Stone Institute for inclusion on our Sustainability Resources webpage.


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