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Installation Standards

Our technical department works with member experts to establish, maintain, and promote standards for the stone industry.

  • Stone Types & Finishes
  • Seam Placement
  • Rodding Sink Cutouts
  • Overhangs & Cantilevers
  • Resin-Impregnated Slabs
  • Joint Widths
  • Tolerances



"I had a client that insisted on having a 20”+ unsupported overhang on her island. I tried explaining the physics to convince her that it was a bad idea. When I was able to pull out the Dimension Stone Design Manual to prove that it should not be done and we would not warranty it, we were able to work to a better long term solution to meet the client desires and stay within guidelines of the Manual to ensure successful project."

-Kris Kortuem, Gallegos 




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