Thor Lundh Quarrier Award

About the Award:

The Thor Lundh Quarrier Award was established in 2024 to recognize a Natural Stone Institute member who has made an extraordinary contribution to quarrying natural stone.


Selection Criteria

  • Successful and notable accomplishments throughout a professional career in quarrying natural stone.
  • Involvement and dedication to the activities and objectives of quarrying operations.
  • Contributions made to furthering other professionals in the career of quarrying.
  • Natural Stone Institute member in good standing.


Submit a Nomination

Entry Deadline:  May 20, 2024


Nominee Information to be Submitted:

This information must accompany your nomination. Please provide answers on a separate sheet.

  • Letter of nomination (max. 500 words).
  • Career summary and noteworthy achievements.
  • Summary of nominee’s contributions to or involvement in the following:
    • Furthering the knowledge and careers of quarry professionals.
    • Impact made on a specific quarry and/or quarries.
    • Leadership to inspire and/or overcome adversity.
    • Involvement with industry trade associations, organizations, or unions that advocate for quarry operations and employees.
  • Nominator may submit three letters of recommendation supporting this nomination from industry colleagues and/or clients.


Award Presentation:

The recipient will be recognized at either the NSI Study Tour or Marmomac and should plan to attend this award presentation. Travel reimbursement will be available.


Jury Panel:

The jury panel will include representatives from both the North American Quarry Advocacy Group and the Global Advocacy Group.


About Thor Lundh:

Thor Lundh, born in Larvik in 1935, is the founder of Lundhs AS, the largest natural stone producer in Northern Europe. Thor Lundh has been instrumental in transitioning quarry operations from manual to industrial production, contributing to numerous local and international jobs. Thor Lundh demonstrates how far a natural stone supplier can go when daring to take risks and innovate. He industrialized larvikite production in Norway and today the company is developing a global brand.


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