Women in Stone Pioneer Award

The Pioneer Award will recognize an advocate within the stone industry for their role in recruiting, retaining and advancing women.

For questions email Sarah B. Gregg at sarah@naturalstoneinstitute.org.

Selection Criteria

The nominee’s performance in promoting women is exemplary, honorable, and inspirational.

Entry Deadline: May 20

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Current Recipient


Past Award Recipients

2022 — Kim Dumais, Miller Druck Specialty Contracting
2021 — Brie Pfannenbecker, (Connecticut Stone)
2020 — Patsy Fell-Barker, (BG Hoadley Quarries)
2019 — Monica Gawet, (Tennessee Marble Company)
2018 — Kathy Spanier, (Coldspring)
2017 — Brenda Edwards, (TexaStone Quarries)


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