Why Choose Natural Stone?


AIA Course Number: NSI20, 1.0 LU/HSW

IDCEC Course Number: 106930, Subject Code: 5.3 , 0.1 HSW CEU

LACES Course Number: NSI20, 1.0 HSW



CEU Course for architects & designers

Why Choose Natural Stone?

With so many building materials on the market today, this course will remind you why architects and designers keep choosing natural stone for their projects. Throughout history we’ve seen natural stone used in iconic structures symbolizing strength and permanence. New materials strive to mimic its beauty, but genuine natural materials connect us with our planet and its future in a unique and undeniable way. Its inherent durability allows stone to perform impeccably in commercial and residential applications, interior or exterior. New technologies are also keeping stone a front runner with innovative interior design trends by introducing new textures and patterns.

Learning Objectives Include:

  1. Review historical uses of natural stone that have stood the test of time.
  2. Examine attributes of natural stone that allow it to outperform other building materials on the market.
  3. Find out how the sustainability of genuine natural stone connects us with our planet and its future.
  4. Learn how the latest design trends are satisfied with natural stone.

Program Length: 60 minutes



Use Natural Stone

Genuine. Versatile. Unique. Durable. Sustainable. Easy to Maintain.